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Living with a Stoma doesn’t have to mean the end of life as you knew it

Do you feel as though your stoma is ruling your life? Are you spending all your time desperately trying to find a way to cope with this way of living?

As a psychotherapist and a fellow Ostomate, I get it. You’re not alone and I’m here to help you.

What would your life be like if you could just feel happy again?

After a life-changing surgery such as an ostomy, it is incredibly common to feel depressed, loneliness, self-loathing, revulsion, even feel suicidal.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if you could talk to a therapist who’s also an Ostomate? Someone who genuinely recognises what you’ve been through and understands what you’re feeling. How might it feel to:

  • let go of the emotions you’ve been experiencing and bottling up,
  • be allowed to get angry about the way your body has let you down,
  • work with somebody to get to a point where you can start to look at life from a more positive and healthier perspective again, enabling you to cope going forward.

All prospective new clients get a FREE 15-minute, no-obligation, pre-assessment call. Book now (you have nothing to lose and everything to gain).

  • Understand why you aren’t coping.
  • Work through the negative feelings associated with the outcome of your surgery.
  • Learn how to manage going forward.
  • Be more confident when you leave the house.
  • Be able to express yourself in an understanding and non-judgmental setting.
  • Learn to love yourself again!

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